Our protein m*lkshakes are 100% natural and 90% organic. We use: organic sunflower seed protein, organic sunflower oil, organic madagascan vanilla and organic (& fairtrade) cocoa powder. We haven’t quite got the factory set-up to call our products organic yet, but watch this space.

Yup, 100% vegan.

Sweeteners don’t come straight from the ground! We’re not a bunch of conspiracist hippies, but we do know the expression ‘if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is'. Even ‘natural sweeteners’ (as far from natural as it gets btw) might be raising your insulin levels without the sugar to breakdown, and people are now concerned this is creating an insulin resistance (Harvard’s words, not ours). So, we use a small sprinkle of good old fashioned natural & raw, unrefined cane sugar (that us humans have been using for the last 2,500 years). Everything in moderation.

Every m*lkshake needs to taste good, so one of the ingredients needs to be sweet. Sugar’s a big deal right now, you can’t avoid articles attempting to separate the good ones from the bad. Our belief is that natural is best – so we’ve chosen raw cane sugar – it’s unrefined and extracted straight from the sugarcane plant. It created the best taste and texture in our recipe, better than the likes of date syrup or coconut sugar.

Well firstly, the ground... more specifically, our organic sunflower seed protein comes straight from sunflowers grown in Europe. The seeds are cold-pressed & minimally processed. It’s the best tasting plant-protein we’ve come across, and we’ve tried a-l-o-t of cr*p! Our pea protein is also European grown & harvested from premium golden peas (best tasting ones around). All our ingredients are always non-gmo.

Our plant-protein blend contains the essential amino acids.

20g of the plant stuff!

Our products are made with dairy-free, nut free, soya free and gluten free ingredients. Saying that, we make every effort to try & ensure no traces of allergens, but cannot guarantee this - so if you’re super allergic best seek further advice from your doctor beforehand.

Wouldn’t dream of it.


Currently right here via our shop. We have other stockists coming soon though, stay tuned.

We challenge you to try a sip and not want to down the bottle. Yeh yeh, all drink brands say that. Ours tastes pretty dam good though, honesty, give it a go.

Great question. We believe if you mess with nature, it’ll probably mess with you. So we don’t.

Too many ‘healthy products’ contain too much rubbish. Artificial ingredients & animal based products are harming both our bodies and the planet. So we’re re-designing this space using only real ingredients 'straight from the ground'. Get it?

Yup. Our protein m*lkshakes typically contain 40% less sugar than other chocolate milk drinks on the market. This is based on research from 10 leading brands in the UK.

Yep. Skimmed milk typically contains 5g of sugar per 100ml. Yep it’s naturally occurring, but sugar’s sugar! In comparison our protein m*lkshakes contain 4.9g of sugar per 100ml.

It creates an oxygen free layer so that the product doesn’t spoil. This means we don’t need to use additives or preservatives - it essentially makes the product safe. It is also ASI certified.

Every brand now talks about their sustainability - we don’t want to join that bandwagon to tick a box. Impact on the planet is something that is as close to us as the ingredients we use, it goes hand in hand with our ethos. We’re not claiming to save the world, but we can do our part by continuing to be mindful about the materials we use, where they come from, where they go, and working with the most sustainable options and partners we can.


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