Hello, we're GROUNDED.

We make protein shakes without the cr*p.

Have you seen some of the stuff they're putting in your shakes?

It's really quite simple; too many 'healthy products' contain too much rubbish.

They promise you the world, but really, deliver plastic bottle after plastic bottle, full of junk.

So we're re-designing this space, using only real ingredients straight from the ground.

You see, we believe if you mess with nature, it'll probably mess with you.

So we don't.

Which is why our products are only ever crammed full of Pure Plant Power, and absolutely nothing else.

Just check!

We use real, whole ingredients. no short-cuts, no unpronounceables, no fluff!

Our products are 100% natural & we source the best possible ingredients around.

It's very simple, if it's not 'from the ground,' it ain't going in!


Sustainability and brand accountability have never been so important, and they are a fundamental part of our brand.

We believe everything we take from the ground we should give back.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from FSC paperboard, 75% to be precise. We work with SIG a market leading innovator in sustainability to package up our shakes in a responsible and GROUNDED way.

Product shot with product info Product shot with product info